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David Sharp Studio - Garden Ornaments, Fountains and Pool Surrounds
David Sharp Studio - Garden Ornaments, Fountains and Pool Surrounds David Sharp Studio - Classical Garden Ornaments David Sharp Studio - Garden Fountains and Pool Surrounds David Sharp Studio - Garden Ornaments, Statuary, Vases, Urns and Planters

Welcome to The David Sharp Studio Ltd

Classical Garden Ornaments, Statues, Fountains and Architectural Masterpieces in Stone, Bronze and Marble.

The David Sharp Studio is not a collection of random pieces but a carefully chosen and designed group of fine Classical Architectural Stone and Classical Ornamental Stone works that result in the smooth Classical style that is uniquely The David Sharp Studio.



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The David Sharp Studio have a vast range of standard Cast Stone Architectural Building Materials which include Stone Columns, Doric Columns, Ionic Columns, Corinthian Columns, Tuscan Columns and Gothic orders Columns. Classical Stone Balustrades, Stone Balustrading, Classical Stone Porticos. Doric Stone Porticos, Ionic Porticos, Corinthian Porticos, Tuscan Porticos and Gothic orders Porticos. Stone Window Surround, Stone Door Surrounds, Stone Architrave, Stone Window Heads and Window Cills. Quoins, Stone Copings, Stone Pier Caps, Classical Stone Gate Piers, Finials, Balls, Pineapples, Acorns, Classical Temples and Pavilions and of course we can custom make any Architectural Stone work.

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Vermeer Garden Fountain stone pool surround ornaments Greician Garden Fountain-stone-david-sharp-ornaments-statue Tiered Garden Fountain Pool Surround-statue-ornaments      fountain-pool surround tiered-stone-garden-statue-ornament

There is no happier "marriage" in any garden than that of water and architecture or sculpture, for together they provide both visual impact and aesthetic acheivement.  The harmony which exists between the two sets the mood in terms of light and shade, movement and sound, and as a focal point has no peer.

A well designed and carefully situated water feature will enhance the tiniest of gardens, creating different moods - tranquill and relaxing with still ponds and formal pools, alive and vibrant with sparkling fountains or rushing cascades.

Whatever the choice, all require careful intergation into the garden scheme to create the optimum effect.  statuaty can enhance and provide added interest in a pool.

The use of water in conjuction with other garden ornaments also allows for the introduction of both plant life and fish.  Pools and water gardens can be stocked with lush vegetation not appropriate to other plant habitats and careful planting at the water's edge can create the impression of larger space.

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garden ornament statue, rape of the sabines-pedestal-david-sharp garden ornament statue busts-sculptor-statuary-david-sharp garden ornament statue-bust-stone-statuary-pedestalgarden ornament-stone-statue-pedestal-statuary-david-sharp

The David Sharp Studio have a large range of Classical Statuary included works after Sculptors such as Giam Bologna, whose impressive Statue “The Rape of the Sabine’s”, we have available in both Castcararra Marble and Bronze. Again by Giam Bologna we have The Medici Mercury Statue in Bronze, in the original size 1700 mm and also a smaller Bronze Statue at 1300 mm. A Lifesize Bronze Statue of Apollo Belvedere, which is also available in Marble. A Marble Statue of Bacchus, the God of Wine, after Jacopo Sansovino, which is also available as a  Bronze Sculpture and can be used as a Fountain Centrepiece. A Bronze Statue of Spinario, the boy with the thorn. A Beautiful Life-size Bronze Statue of Diana The Virgin Goddess of the Hunt, A Classical Statue of Diana de Gabies in both Marble and Stone as well as Classical Busts of Apollo Belvedere, his twin sister Diana Chasseresse, Antoninus Pius, Septimus Severus, Laocoon, Antinous, Clyte and Caesar Augustus, in both Castcarrara Marble and Stone.

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In Ornamental Cast Stone The David Sharp Studio has a series of Left and Right matched pairs of Classical Garden Stone Statues. In The Four Arts Statues range, we have the  Classical group consisting of: - Sculptor Statue, Artist Statue, Musician Statue and Architect Statue. In The Four Seasons Statue range, we have a Classical group consisting of: - Spring Statue, Summer Statue, Autumn Statue, Winter Statue and a host of individual Classical Statues including the Grecian Girl Statue and The Bashful Girl Statue.

From the animal kingdom The David Sharp Studio has life size Sculptures of  Bronze Lions, Stone Lions, A Magnificent Life-size Bronze Eagle, Life-size Bronze Horse and Foals, Bronze Herons, Bronze Greyhounds, Bronze Hunting Dogs, Bronze Stags, Life-size Bronze Stag and Doe and Bronze Storks.
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The timeless elegance of Stone has been used by man to enhance his surroundings since the dawn of civilization, and today, man still relies upon its natural warmth and versatility to create harmonious settings both in residential and commercial environments. Quarried stone however, does have its drawbacks. Internal faulting and fissures are not always recognizable, and it is prone to lamination and decay.

To overcome these natural failings, The David Sharp Studio has developed a system whereby any Classical Architectural design in stone can be constructed using the most modern processes - yet retaining the dignity and elegance of natural stone, at a fraction of the cost of carved stone.

The David Sharp Studios have worked with discerning designers and customers the world over and the method of “dry hand casting”, for which The David Sharp Studio is renowned, is unique. Our most popular architectural designs are our Classical Cast Stone Balustrading, our Classical Stone Fountains, our Classical Cast Stone Porticos and our Classical Gate Piers and Stone Copings range.

Whether you are restoring an historic structure or planning a new building, The David Sharp Studio offers more than 1000 Classical Architectural and Ornamental designs for interior and exterior use. Selections can be Custom- made or supplied from our extensive stock.

The stone is available in four different finishes, Portland Stone, Bath Stone, Cotswold Stone and Terracotta Stone.

With the support and technical expertise of the artists and craftsmen employed by The David Sharp Studio, most things are attainable, advice and support is freely available. From a “one-off” intricate piece of Bronze Statuary, an elegant Stone Garden Fountain, a Classical Portico, Stone Columns, a Gate Pier Entrance to Classical Stone Balustrade - the same skill and expertise is employed throughout.

Architects, Designers and Contractors ensure their customers get the best quality dry hand Stone Castings available by specifying The David Sharp Studio and we are proud that our work has enhanced the Classical Architectural and Ornamental beauty of many fine homes,Garden and commercial developments both in England and throughout the world.




In the Classical Garden Ornament and Classical Lnadscape Range, The David Sharp Studio Has Classical fountain Centrepeices, Tiered Fountains, Garden Fountains, Bronze Fountain Centrepieces, Wall Fountains, and Marble Fountain Centrepieces and are a prefect complicment for our Classical Fountain Pool Surrounds, which are available in many designs, shapes and sizes.   


Garden Furniture, Stone Benches, Stone Seats, Birdbaths, Bronze Sundials, Stone Tables, Obelisks, Stone Vases, Urns, Stone Planters and a large range of fine Stone Statues, Sculpture  in Stone, Bronze and Marble. Again at The David Sharp Studio we can custom make any Cast Stone Garden Ornaments, Stone Statues, Bronze Statue, Marble Statue or Garden Fountains for the Home or Garden.
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Please browse through our online portfolio and feel free to email: or call us on +44 1773 606066 if you feel we can be of any further assistance.



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Grosvenor Pedestal

Grosvenor (Cartouche) Pedestal

Grosvenor Pedestal shown with Bronze Golden Eagle, please see our Bronze Statuary for more details

Stone Pedestal Height 1620 mm

Stone Pedestal Width 660 mm

Classical Restoration of The Regal Cinema

The David Sharp Studio has recently completed a commission to create custom patterns, moulds and Classical stone for the Ionic Capitals, Window Entablature, Console brackets and various other Architectural Ornaments for the restoration of the Façade of the Regal Cinema Tenbury.

With the support and technical expertise of the artists and ...

Classical Restoration of The Regal Cinema